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Dental Mouth Guards: For Your Dental and Oral Care

Protecting the health of your natural teeth is a high priority. After all, you’d like to keep them for life. Sometimes, protecting them takes a little extra effort and help from a custom fitted mouth guard. You’ve probably seen them used in a number of ways but may not be aware of their true value or the number of ways they’re used.

What Are Custom Fit Mouth Guards?

Custom mouth guards are made by a dentist or in a laboratory based on the dentist’s prescription.  The dentist makes impressions of your teeth and the mouth guard is created based on those impressions using dental grade materials.

When Do You Need a Mouth Guard? 

Mouth guards are used in several different ways, preventive, corrective, and rehabilitative and used in treating many dental and maxillofacial problems.

Preventive Applications

You might be familiar with the preventive uses of mouth guard appliances, such as being used as protection during sports. The guard cushions blows and protects your teeth from being knocked out. They can also prevent other injuries, like accidentally biting your tongue.

Corrective Applications

One of the most common corrective applications are using mouth guards in sleep apnea. In this  instance the guard repositions the jaw to create better airflow.  While common, that’s not the only corrective application though. Dentists also use them to protect your teeth from nighttime grinding, and to treat case of TMJ disorder.


Sometimes dentists use mouth guards to protect recent procedures. If you’ve had restorative or cosmetic procedures, the dentist may have you use one for a short time to help assure the long-term positive results as you recover.

It’s important to use a properly-fit and dentist-made mouth guard in each situation. Professionally made guards are made specifically for the problem using special technologies, materials, and techniques that make them superior to out of the box versions. Ultimately, the little extra effort provides the most effective results.

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