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Dental Bonding, for fast and painless cosmetic results!

A chipped front tooth can cause distress in many situations, from the pain caused by biting into an apple to the embarrassment of public speaking. Discomfort and insecurities are unwelcome consequences that come along with dental imperfections. No longer do you have to avoid being seen at a certain angle to disguise a flawed tooth. Cosmetic dentistry can restore the confidence that you deserve to hold your head high. At Chapel Hill Family Dentistry in Douglasville, Dr. Ty James and staff will help you find the cosmetic solution that’s right for you!

Dental Bonding Procedure

This process is incredibly simple and painless! The corrections to your dental imperfection can be implemented in only one session. The removal of enamel will be nonexistent or minimal, therefore sensitivity is at an all time low. You can expect the following at from your procedure:

Many patients seek TMJ treatment in Douglasvillebut it is essential to be treated by a specialist that is experienced in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Ty James and the staff at Chapel Hill Family Dentistry have worked with many patients, finding solutions for a wide variety of dental problems and cosmetic imperfections.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Not only does bonding does create aesthetic value, but also health advantages. The resin material can be molded in a wide variety of ways to correct damaged dentition such as:

To maximize the benefits of bonding, refrain from consuming substances that cause stains such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes for the first 48 hours. Also, avoid biting hard objects, such as ice or pens, to prevent chipping!

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